Sunday, 3 November 2013

Perhaps - a Sunday evening project

I found an old purple shirt in my closet today. I think I thrifted it ages ago with the intention of making something out of it, which I never did. Story of my life. I felt like doing some stencilling, so that's what I did. Here's some photos of the process.

The initial design, which went through several drafts before I was happy with it.

All cut out! I numbered the inner pieces so I would know which side was the top and to make it easier to keep track of them, as they're not attached to the larger stencil. 

Figuring out the placement of the word using the cut-out section...I made sure to cut it out as one piece so I could reuse the stencil as either normal or inverted.

The placing of the stencil! I used a low-tack spray adhesive to keep it in place while I worked.

Applying the base colour, a pinkish violet kinda deal. 

The rest of the colours - I used a couple different blues and a dash of yellow to brighten it up.

Aaaaand the finished product! I'll heat set it tomorrow and then it'll be completely done.

Doesn't look half bad. I thought about doing a base coat of white to make it brighter, but decided against it (in low lighting it's really hard to see the word). I think it suits the theme of the shirt better for it to be more subtle - perhaps it's there, perhaps it isn't. (omg shirt y u so deep) 

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