Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Fixed it!

I fixed my labelmaker today! 

I jammed it a couple months ago and then took it apart to figure out the problem. I figured out what went wrong and fixed that easily, but these things are really not meant to be taken apart and I had a ton of trouble trying to put it back together. Of course, because it's so old and nobody else is dumb enough to take theirs apart, I couldn't find any diagrams or manuals online. So it sat, internal organs sorely exposed, for the next three months. 

Today I got my dad to help me hold all the pieces down in the right spots while I screwed the outer casings back together. And it works again! (The first time I managed to put it together, it didn't work. So that was unfortunate.) Moral of the story: NEVER TAKE ANYTHING APART, EVER. 

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